‘Experience without theory is blind but theory without experience
is mere intellectual play’

Immanuel Kant

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Our Services

We believe that our objectivity and the application of our experience is the most valuable service we offer to our clients.

We uniquely offer an evidence supported approach to tailoring sales performance solutions for our clients.

These client specific performance solutions are designed with the key objective of achieving improved, predictable & sustainable sales results.

Once we apply our 4Performance framework™ appraisal process we customise solutions which typically cover the following areas:-

Tailored Programmes

  • Sales skills
  • Communication skills
  • Value selling
  • Social selling
  • Coaching
  • Sales leadership development
  • Negotiation
  • Activity based / experiential learning
  • Talent development
  • Motivational solutions
  • Management team development

Project Specific Engagements

  • Sales / buy process
  • Sales methodology
  • Strategy & segmentation
  • Value proposition refinement
  • Qualification & forecasting
  • Cross functional alignment
  • Sales initiative / large deal support
  • Quota setting & compensation
  • Channel strategy & enablement
  • Prospecting & demand generation
  • Sales enablement & acceleration tools
  • Hiring, on-boarding & retention

Examples of expected Outcomes

Increased win rates over competition

Increased lead conversion rates

Increase average deal size

Improved forecast accuracy, linearity
and predictability

Decreased sales rep turnover

Reduced new rep ramp-up time

Improved margin contribution

Shortening sales cycle

Improved qualification and opportunity

Reduced customer churn and improved

Generating more leads