14 04, 2015



Sales Transitions helped VS further develop our sales and distribution strategy for the UK and Ireland. Their experience within this area was invaluable, and we […]

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14 04, 2015

Von Bismark


Sales Transitions were hired to help me add extra focus to my business going forward. They were instrumental in allowing me to define and develop […]

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14 04, 2015

Telefónica 02 UK


Sales Transitions worked with me for a period of three months as my sales leadership coach to enhance my effectiveness in my role and how […]

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3 04, 2015

Druid Software


Sales Transitions helped us navigate the extensive partner channel opportunities in the UK and created new focus in partner selection. Their contacts were invaluable and […]

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3 04, 2015

Nathean Technologies


Sales Transitions knowledge of business development leadership helped our business step up to the next level. They demonstrated high energy and enthusiasm to help us […]

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3 04, 2015



Sales Transitions were brought into the company to help us in the area of strategic planning as well as individual and team coaching. We found […]

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